Okinawa Blessing - A suit even professionals are in love with.

Here we are introducing feedback provided by the official Okinawa Blessing ambassadors, Mariko Kaji, who is also a widely known professional freediver.

I was surprised by the softness and versatileness of the suit.

I was using another bland before.
The material was hard and easy to be compressed because of water pressure and I needed to buy new one every year.
It was not easy to find the one which was fit me as well.
It was European brand ,so too tight around my chest with Medium size and too long with Large.

I also used Japanese bland once, but I broke it many time because it was too sensitive.
Every time I broke it, I needed to fix it by myself.

The first time I use Okinawa blessing wetsuit, I was so surprised for softness and elasticity.
Every time I use it, the material is getting fit my body gradually and I feel so comfortable even I’m in deep.

It's made to order so it is also customizable.

I heard the secret is comes from the special pattern of the material that experienced artist found.

I’m asking special offer for the one I use for competition.
To prevent water from coming into wetsuit, I asked them to make little tight, and wide some parts that I move a lot.

It was bit bigger than I was expected the first time I did special order, but they fixed it so quickly.
Okinawa blessing is a small company so they can accept my requests in detail.

Fabric made in Japan, technology, and handmade makes it possible to make each suits according to needs of each person We challenge the record using something that can be worn with trust since it is a sports diving alone.


6 hours from Tokyo, she went to Mikura-island to dive with wild dolphins in 2016.
They were so friendly and also dive so elegant.
She completely fell in love being in water.
Summer in 2016, she started learning freediving from world champion-Hanako Hirose ,to dive more beautiful ,more longer and more deeper like dolphins.

She really enjoyed training, and she was certificated as an AIDA freediving instructor in Panglao island, Philippines in 2018.
During staying Philippines, she gained experiences through teaching, training and safety of AFC-the biggest depth competition in Asia.

In 2018, for the first time ,she was selected as a member of team Japan of World Championships in pool disciplines.
During WC ,she passed preliminary and ranked top 10 in final in STA discipline.

August in 2018, she set 81m of national record as a first Japanese diver in VWT.
In 2019, she set 150m of DNYB national record.
The she became the only one who has national record both in pool and depth in Japan.

In 2019, she was selected as national team in World Championships in depth disciplines.
She dive all three dives during that competition.
She accomplish the long-sought goal of placed top10 in world rankings in CNF disciplines in 2019.

She is based in Panglao to train and compete now.
At the same time, to hope all the level of freediver can enjoy being in water safe, she runs freediving courses and classes.