For Challengers

Okinawa Blessing is a company that promotes safety and freedom for water sports athletes who like to test their limits, by providing tailor-made wetsuits to fit both the mind and body of athletes.

IMAGE The moment of freedom

The moment of freedom

Clear your mind and concentrate on diving. We make perfect wetsuits to fit your mind and body to provide you with a "moment of freedom."

Proud of Tailor-made Products

In order to create a hassle-free wetsuit, having a pattern cut prepared is essential.
The original pattern cuts are made individually by staff trained by experienced craftsmen who have been making wetsuits for 50 years.
We take pride in providing you the good-fit feeling of wetsuits, which cannot be properly created by off-the-rack suits.


High Quality Material

The synthetic rubber used in our products is sourced by Japan’s top company, Yamamoto Corporation, renowned for its high quality materials even overseas.


Commitment to "Made in Okinawa"

Wetsuits with traditional Okinawan bingata (fabric dye) prints are an original design of Okinawa Blessing. Bingata is a traditional hand-painted fabric print method that also uses original patterns cuts to create unique prints.


Mission Statement

  • Be true to ourselves.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Continue to develop ourselves both personally and professionally with honesty and humility.
  • Value teamwork and be grateful of others.
  • Devote ourselves to customers and community by producing well-conceived wetsuits and other marine products.

With that in mind: Everyone functions as a pillar of this company.

  • So, I will become a pillar of this company, guide others, and do my best in training others with care.
  • I will do my best to help pursue the mental and physical wellness of the entire staff and continued prosperity of the company.
  • I will contribute to promoting these Okinawan-made wetsuits inside and outside of the country.

Our Vision

We will become a leading company making tourism-related products, and a company picked by customers inside and outside of Japan.
We will become a great partner to divers and other watersport athletes through our project of producing wetsuits to fit mind and body.
We will become an attractive company both inside and outside Japan, and help promote the industry to create more jobs.